AAC Training Modules with UNICEF Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro

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The last few months have been a busy time linking up all our symbol sets with ConceptNet and starting an AAC training project.  UNICEF working with their regional centres in Croatia, Serbia and Montengro have set up a collaborative project enabling us to offer some open source educational resources.  The project is called ‘A Voice for Every Child – AAC for early inclusion of children with developmental difficulties and disabilities.’

As with all our work we are keen to share all that we are setting up over the coming months.  We will be working with a really talented group of speech and lanaguage therapists, specialist teachers, assistive technologists, computer scientists and graphic designers with courses eventually being available for each country in their own languages.

scholar's capThe good news is that this means we have learnt all about language packs and how more languages can be added to our new Moodle site!   All the training modules will be available with a creative commons licence so they can be adapted to suit your needs.

We will keep the news coming on our Facebook site and tweeting as we make updates.  So busy times this summer but very exciting and we hope these resources will be used by lots of people in the future.