Assistive Technology in Accelerating Learning and Participation of Children with Disabilities Exhibition

AAC board

Global Symbols will be showcasing the UNICEF Innovation Fund AAC work in the UN Building in Geneva from 6-8th March, 2019.  We look forward to showing the Jellow and Cboard apps  that we have mentioned in our previous news items.  They are designed to support those with complex communication difficulties and use the symbols provided on the Global Symbols website.

We hope to be able to illustrate how an open source ‘Boardbuilder’ web based app (developed by a group of computer scientists at the University of Southampton) will allow us to upload communication charts to the open source Cboard app  using Open Boards (obf) with free and open symbols.    To demonstrate the use of this format a chart can be seen on the Coughdrop app as Annie’s Board using ARASAAC symbols.