The Role of Assistive Technology in Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities

Come and join us at the AT exhibition taking place on 7-8 March 2019 at the Palais des Nations, in Geneva Switzerland. Global Symbols will be showcasing the UNICEF Innovation Fund AAC work   We look forward to having the Jellow and Cboard apps that we have mentioned in our previous news items.  They are designed […]

Jellow, cBoard and Yuudee 2 update – more languages and evaluations.

In the last few months we have seen some very exciting updates appearing from the UNICEF Innovation Funded Jellow, cBoard and Yuudee teams. It has been so interesting acting as mentors and we have been working hard to connect up the Jellow and StraightStreet symbols to ConceptNet so they will soon be available on our site. The Jellow […]

Localised images to aid recognition – What about free localised AAC symbols?

Thanks to a note from Aejaz Zahid about an article on the BBC website we came across a wonderful example of how localised and personalised pictures can help those who find it hard to read or remember important items in their social setting.  The article reminds one of the  importance of knowing the local situation in […]

Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018

We are celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day  with many others around the world! Companies and organisations are offering accessibility advice and support alongside exciting new ideas that have been filling our twitter feeds and @gbla11yday The Australian Network on Disability has started the day by providing a useful collection of videos, articles and resources all […]

Techcess introduce SCORE (UK) working with Core vocabularies.

An event held at The Barnsley Hospital Education Centre was an interesting morning concerning the translation of a core vocabulary system developed by Professor Jens Boenisch and his team from the University of Cologne.  The use of core vocabularies on a series of personalised communication charts have been translated into English from the German originals and […]